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Amazigh History & Cultural Heritage

This blog, opened in May 2021, was created in addition to our Instagram account of the same name launched on January 13, 2017 with the desire to expose the Amazigh history and culture to the Maghreb community, as well as to the world; this is the reason why we chose to post in English and French.

This passion for our identity comes from our father, who gave us Amazigh names during a period when they were banned in Algeria. He collected, and still collects, books after books in order to pass on to us this thousand-year-old heritage which is still alive today. How to not be proud of it! Tanmirt a vava (thanks dad)!

Our goal is to get the Amazigh community, as well as foreign communities, interested to know more about the many known and less known aspects of the Amazigh history and culture and, eventually, supporting local artists. We are committed to sharing the facts as concisely as our research provides, by seeking the truth away from any ideological feelings!

The blog posts are in English and French (choose the language in the menu page), and each one is objectively written and based on sources available at the bottom of each article (go to « Books » in the menu to have access to more than 1000 books available in seven languages).

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